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Celebrated (Eight Writers in Eight Weeks)

Dear Member,

I write to inform you that we have set out the months of February and March as "Celebration of Works" months. We have titled it "Celebrated (Eight Writers in Eight Weeks)".

What does this mean?


We will promote and celebrate the best of the works of some of our members. These works are either published in print or online. They may be articles, journals, diaries, poetry, prose, paintings, etc. These works shall be celebrated on a weekly basis, on our group page, via messages, and on our new blog. This simply means Eight Writers in Eight Weeks. (Did I hear someone shout "WOW!")

How do I get my works to secure a week for myself?

Pls. send the link to any of your works. Send that work that you are so proud of. Send it to

If your work is not online, please send the details to the same email.

You never know, you might be the one that will be celebrated.

We will get back to those that are chosen, and will be celebrated.

Remember, we will not favour anyone, except some of our writers who have broken the chains of the craft. These writers are but a few, and will not be part of the eight to be celebrated. They shall also be featured weekly.

These are the chosen writers and members of afric.iWRITE:

Chika Unigwe (Author)
Uche Peter Umez (Author)
Onyeka Nwelue (Author)
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Author)
Muhtar Bakare (Publisher)
Emamode Edosio (Film Maker)
Sylva Ifedigbo (Author)
Richard Ali (Author)

Each week, one of these shall feature with one of our Celebrated (maybe YOU). I'm sure you're dreaming to be featured with one of them already. Then, do this simple thing. Send the online link and details of your work to the email above.

(on the body of the email, write)


Genre(Poetry, Prose, Articles, etc.):



Brief Bio.:

We wish you luck!

Be Celebrated!


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  1. Dim says:

    great arrangement! Supported

  2. I'll like to be part of this.

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