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The Raw and Young

GriotsLounge, the publishing arm of Yagazie Media, is on a hunt. We’re looking for young and talented writers to publish. Only young and talented!

In a bid to achieve our dream of publishing the best from the ordinary, we have decided to promote our West African unpublished authors. Our dream is to promote lovable writings, so that publishing houses will call for them. So, from today till life stops, we shall be on the hunt for the raw and young.

Our first is Mr. Kingsley Iweka. And below is his biography.

Iweka Kingsley is a young writer, who is currently studying Industrial Physics in one of Nigeria's Federal Universities. He is passionate about positive change for Nigeria and Africa, and inspires more young people through his writing to get involved in the renaissance of Nigeria and Africa. His passion reflects in his writing too. He has just finished work on his first book titled 'DAPPLED THINGS’; it is not published yet, but will soon be. Kingsley is 21 years old, and lives in the city of Lagos. He’s mostly published online at, an online museum of literary works, and is celebrated on the same website as the author of the month. This young writer is rising tremendously in the literary world, considering the creativity found in his stories. I think I know who our tomorrow’s writers are. Kingsley is surely one.

In my brief interview with him, I got to know this calm gentleman.

GL: When did you find out that you could write?

Kingsley: About 7 years ago back in high school, when I started writing motivational articles and opinions about life and several other matters affecting human existence.

GL: Who is your role model in writing, and why?

Kingsley: I can't say I have any particular role model in the context in which you've asked, but there are several authors that I look up to, who have influenced my writing in various ways: Chinua Achebe is first on the list. It was after reading 'Things Fall Apart' that I set out to write my first book before 'Dappled Things', even though I haven't finished it. Helon Habila's 'Waiting For An Angel' influenced the way my book is structured. Myne Whitman has been of great help too, she has to be mentioned here.

GL: I see your presence on Facebook and other social networks. What does social networking mean to you?

Kingsley: I see social networking as a tool. It can lead to diverse outcomes depending on how you use it. It was the tool used to cause a turn around in state of things in Egypt recently. It has also given me a suitable platform to showcase and improve my writing.

GL: How does it feel to be celebrated on Naijastories as the Author of the Month – March?

Kingsley: It is always a great feeling when one is celebrated. I feel honoured that I am celebrated so because, I know the quality of talent that the site contains, and to be celebrated as the 'Author of the Month' on such a platform, it means you are doing something right and really appreciated for it.

GL: I’ve heard about your new work, Dappled Things. What’s it all about?

Kingsley: Yes, 'Dappled Things' is the title of my first book. It is a novella. The book with its rich array of characters and plots, captures and addresses several cultural and social predicaments that characterize the country Nigeria. It exposes from an angle, the woes of womanhood and the role that men play, and perhaps women too.

GL: Have you found a publisher?

Kingsley: No, I haven't found a publisher yet.

GL: What do you think about publishers?

Kingsley: What I think about publishers? I'd rather say what I think about publishing in Nigeria. It's not easy getting published in Nigeria, especially when one is new and unheard of. The very few top quality publishing houses in Nigeria don't have enough resources to publish as many writers too. So it's tough for us who are fresh and new to breakthrough in the industry. However, I do believe that with the right support, the industry will blossom and give as many the opportunity to be read and appreciated.

GL: Who’s your best author and why?

Kingsley: That would be Chinua Achebe, because of the near perfect fusion of seriousness and simplicity that define his works.

GL: Who has influenced you the most?

Kingsley: That's not quite an easy question to answer, mainly because of the experiences that I have had in my short life yet . Therefore, it is in order to say that my greatest influence is God. But I still have to mention one person who has been with me through it all, Stanley Azuakola. He has influenced some of my decisions and I think it necessary to mention him.

GL: What do you dream of?

I dream of a time when people are not hindered by their fears and limited by their circumstances. I dream of a nation united by purpose and driven by a pure passion. I dream of a time when boys would become men and ideas become industries- yet seeds not sown will never yield harvest.

Kingsley Iweka’s stories can be found on these links:




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  1. Kingsley definitely fits the bill of the Griot's call. He has improved a lot since joining Naija Stories, and best of all, he is willing to keep learning and working at his craft.

    All the best!

  2. Hey Myne,

    And thanks for supporting this gentleman...d'INK!

  3. Quite an informative interview.

  4. abby says:

    Am so proud of Kingsley and yes, he is definitely a raw, young and talented man.
    Kudos Kingsley!

  5. Iweka says:

    WOW!!! Thank you all. I'm so glad to have you supporting me, it really means a lot to me. This is the beginning of great things to come for me, for us, and for the literary society.

  6. I guess am your first follower via google. where can your book be bought in Nig?

  7. ray2flow says:

    Scopey da man....WAEC Examiner....Hehehehe....Nice one bro!!!

  8. Iweka says:

    @nutritionalert, the book isn't published yet, as soon as it is you'll know. Cheers!

    @Ray, Thanks bro...

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