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Shit Job

This morning, I woke up hating my job. No, it started the day before yesterday, just like every other Monday. Even opening the office door, saying good morning to my office mate and booting the computer was A BIG DEAL. I heard myself shout ARRRHHH deep within. Then, I said “I hate this job of mine.”

My job is not a wacky job oh! At least I get to be hailed SIR once in a while. It doesn’t matter if my workers have MSCs or PHDs. What matters is that they are people. I get to shout on my staff when they don’t do the job perfectly, or a customer is complaining (silly customers), and they end up apologizing for it. Then, this is the stupidest part. I get to say sorry, even when I am insulted by a customer. I mean real INSULT.

Today, after one of those my I HATE MY JOB MOMENTS, I asked myself a question. Am I the only one in this bus? Am I the only one who hates his job? I guess no. Many of us would run to better opportunities if they come. It doesn’t really matter what the pay is sometimes, as long as it is not a shit job. But I’m wrong. Shit money is meant for shit jobs.

What do you hate about your job? What do you think you can do about it? NOTHING!
My advice is this: Dig it, even the in mud!

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  1. was just wondering what this "job" of yours is...
    nice one, anyway
    for me, not that i hate my job but i hate the pay and the fact that my meagre salary does it come in as early as it is meant to...
    would take to ur advise and "dig it even in the mud"
    best regards!!!

  2. bugus says:

    sorry if ur work has not become ur passion,i assure u,u'll always struggle n complain

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